My three areas of expertise:


Whether composing for live concerts or film, my music has both traditional and contemporary influences. I am passionate about collaborating with a wide range of other artists. My compositional range includes film scoring, corporate sound branding and concert music. When composing in a computer-based environment, I always keep elements of my approach with live musicians. I have written for a variety of ensembles, from piano vocal duos to full orchestras and I tailor my writing to the strengths and needs of each ensemble.

Audio Engineer

I had the great pleasure of working as an audio engineer in the theatre, diving into musicals, opera and operetta. I mixed classical orchestras or brought the heavy metal drums to life. Live mixing is magical because you are becoming a part of the performance. Having a finger on the fader is almost like playing an instrument to hold all the musical elements together.

Web developer

When I am not composing or mixing, I enjoy coding websites. This is a passion of mine that I found lately. Check out my Instagram to find out more!